Sunday, 21 September 2014


It has long been my dream to travel alone - wandering around in an unfamiliar place, talking to native people in their own language (えぇっ!ワイイ!Σ(^∇^;)えええええ~ comprenez vous? Vous devez avoir fait cela.), taking photos ceaselessly and essentially on anything you see (as if you would never come back again), you name it. [Okay, been there, knew it.] 

SO I went to Japan alone two months ago and had experienced all these things. *virtual high 5 if you have done these too. we are cool kids* The trip was an impulsive one and I even booked my air ticket before booking hotels. *truly one rebel* but this is how things get interesting - when you are totally unprepared, everything becomes funny.

Highlights of my trip:
1) I got to the wrong station on the first night. Too poor to hail a cab. *Cabs in Japan are 3 times more expensive than those in NYC.
2) I got lost for an hour searching for my hostel. Yep, I had no internet connection so no Google Maps. 
3) I rode a bike around Osaka castle area. Live like a local, ride a bike in Japan.
4) I couchsurfed twice in Japan. Amazing to live in a native's place. SO MUCH LOVE!
5) I made some damage in Hermes. If you are looking for a Birkin bag, Japan is the way to go. No more snobbish salespersons from Paris. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Love from Venus

My very first fountain pen. Thank you, Venus.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

interview: tony chiu

photographer: christian yuen

Tony Chiu, 19, Founder of Local Hong Kong, BA student from University of Hong Kong, born in Hong Kong, raised in Shanghai (The British International School)

how does the concept come from?
To create a website that looks at Hong Kong culture from all sorts of perspectives : returnees, expats, international school students and local school students.

what makes Local Hong Kong special? 
(1) Student-based website: we have not yet been fully programmed by real world’s values. Because of this, we are more imaginative. (2) Multimedia magazine format - we can explore as many sides of our capabilities as possible so you get to see them in interesting ways. (3) It's inspiring to learn something about how our generation sees the society.

three best cars?
Car enthusiasts are most afraid of this question. I like all cars. I like cars because they are so intricately made yet so easy to use. I like cars because they reflect certain characters and histories.
2003 BMW E60 5 Series (represents the Chris Bangle era of BMWs), 2010 Saab 9-5 (their attention to quality, safety especially, was among the best), 2007 Jaguar XF (Modern day Jaguars are perfect examples of how desirability needs no explanation)

how is it a good day for you?

There is nothing better than driving along Peak Road, listening to Bill Evans with a cigarette in hand and a good can of Coke Zero next to me.

how do you see yourself in 2 years?
It’s hard to say. Hopefully I will have graduated. With a bit of luck, I’d quite like to make my website a sustainable one.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014




才剛坐下,他便按捺不住急住要介紹自己。「Hi, 我係啊乜水乜水,做左十年既律師。」此時,他臉上掛上一個無比燦爛的笑容,天真無邪的樣子真教我想揑他的臉頰。正如巴金在《春天裡的秋天》中寫道:「那些粉紅的花瓣也就像我所愛的姑娘的臉頰。」

好友問道:「你做開咩類型既 case?」他緩緩道來:「乜都做下啦,哈哈。」他臉上掛上的是一個純真絞潔的笑容。頃刻間,我發現他笑起來跟我在宣明會助養的非洲小男孩很像。

坐在席間的我實在笑不出,這個笑話未免太爛了,當了十年律師卻是什麼類型都做,先不論做人要有原則不能人叫你做就做,身為一位專業的律師,總是有一兩個方面是特別優秀的啊。例如你說你想賺錢可以做 IPO,你說你想安隱可以做集團的 in house 律師,但什麼都做實為濫交,不要得也。即使是在家中看 TVB 的家庭主婦都知道《愛回家》中的霞姐專做地產股權糾紛案啊。

你可能說在小的律師行,什麼類型的案件都要接是常識吧。但如果做了十年也只是屈就於小型律師行,我會選擇不說自己當了十年律師。用十年律師來包裝自己就像三十多歲人還周圍跟人說自己小學三年級體育全班第一。C'mon, cut that shit off.

之後,或許他真的很肚餓,在一家平平無奇的酒吧也很興奮地吃 tapas (那支 White Wine 已經完美地出賣了這家酒吧啊)。我的天,那只是很普通的 Quesadilla,那種你能在超市找到的普通貨色,實在用不著跑到旁邊的台去搶啊,然後你還很天真地當眾吸吮那充滿油脂的食指,如入無人之境去回味那脂香,教人如何是好?當然,他之後也以同樣的方法吃雞翼,我很想送一支雞汁給他。

老實說,我所認識在 Mayer Brown JSM、Baker & Mckenzie、Linklaters、Clifford Chance ,甚至是本地彊 Deacons 中當律師的朋友在下班後如果要跟人正式 social 都會有正經的樣子,至少是 well-bred,至少不會說粗口和當眾吮手指,而且要 r 生意就直說啊。或許總是要有 Louis Litt 這種人才能反襯 Harvey Specter 的睿智。


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